If the word ‘bless’ is the most difficult to understand in our BELLS acronym, ‘eat’ surely must be the easiest!

We all have to eat – likely three meals a day, not to mention snacks and, as a church family, you might have noticed that we do rather a lot of eating as a group.  This is wonderful!

Why? Well, let’s face it, when we sit down over a meal together, or a cup of tea, somehow we tend to relax.  we have a change to be ourselves and get to know each other better.

When we get together around a table without food, it’s just a meeting, when we have something nice to share, it’s something much more special.

The gospels are full of references to eating:

  • Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life and instituted the sacrament of “The Lord’s Supper”.
    Luke 22, John 6
  • The feeding of 5,000 is one of Jesus’ most memorable miracles.
    Mark 6
  • Jesus was invited to eat with friends who loved him.
    Luke 10 and 19, John 12
  • Jesus was criticised because of the people with whom He chose to eat.
    Matthew 9, Luke 19

The fact that Jesus was criticised for eating with “tax-collectors and sinners” demonstrates the truth that when we choose to sit down for a meal with someone, we are saying that we accept them and are glad to have them be part of our lives.  The teachers of the law found it shocking that Jesus would identify himself that way with people they shunned.

At St Mary’s we send the message that we accept one another and are glad to be part of each other’s lives and we do this by inviting people to our home or out, for a meal or a cup of coffee.

This is why so many of our events have food or coffee contained within them.