It’s not only missionaries in other countries who are “sent”!  All Christians are called to be light and salt in their communities; to take the good news that Jesus loves us around the world as well as across the street!  The many ways in which we can live out this calling are shaped by our own personalities, talents and gifts, and limited only by our own imaginations.

Perhaps the most obvious way in which we are sent has to do with evangelism; telling others about Jesus.  This seems to be easier for some than others, but we all need to be

ready to give an account for the hope that is in us

1 Peter 3:15


There are other ways in which we can act out the fact that we are Jesus’ ambassadors, too.

  • For some believers, this shows itself in acts of hospitality; they have a gift for accepting people and making them feel welcome, and they intentionally exercise this gift as often as possible.
  • …Other Christians enjoy serving in practical ways: bringing a meal to a neighbour who is poorly, or helping with jobs around the house or garden.
  • Others have a heart for helping the poor.  Some seek to correct injustice.
  • Some are gifted to reach children with the gospel message, while others connect well with the elderly.
  • Some are able to bring healing: emotional, spiritual and sometimes physical.

The list goes on!  Something will resonate with you and you might find God opening doors for you to do His work in a particular way.  We begin, however, by believing we are “Sent” and then intentionally looking for ways to act that out in our lives.